Donor 40 Siblings

Where do you find siblings?

DNA Testing

Obviously DNA testing is the most modern way to find siblings. Nearly all DNA sites have a way to upload raw DNA. What does this mean? This means that when I buy a DNA kit from 23 and me or Ancestry, I can download my "raw" DNA. This is a document with numbers and letters that make no sense to us, but when you upload it to another DNA site you can get on more sites for the price of one kit. Outside 23 and me and Ancestry majority of the other websites will take raw DNA up loads. So for the price of 2 kits, I have added my DNA to a total of 6 sites. Many donor-conceived people will want to be on every site they possibly can in hopes of connecting with siblings or donor family. Check out our DNA tools page for more info.

Donor Sibling Registry

What use to be a vital tool is becoming less helpful with the increase in DNA testing. Without paying for a membership you can see if you have any matches under your donor. However if you want to see any information about the matches you must pay for the membership. When I first logged on I found 6 sibling matches. One I already connected with through DNA testing. The first thing i noticed was that was all 6 posts were from over 10 years ago. You can message your matches through and internal messaging system. An email goes out notifying the user they have a message. IF they have the same email as 10 years ago and IF they have an active membership they can view your message. Now if they don't have an active membership they will have to pay the membership fee to view the message. At a minimum this is a $99 cost. I recently connected with a sibling who saw they had a message but wasn't able to pay to read it. So in someways this a whole different kind of torture.

Free Alternatives to the Donor Sibling Registry

There is a couple free sibling registries available. You can look at these sites:

Individual Cryobanks often host their own registries. Go to the specific cryobank to see if your bank hosts one.

Sibling Count

1.) Brother - November 1988

2.) Sister - December 1988

3.) Sister - January 1989

4.) Brother - April 1989

5.) Brother - April 1989

6.) Brother - April 1989

7.) Sister - December 1989

8.) Brother - January 1990

9.) Brother  - April 1990

10.) Deanna - May 1990

11.) Sister - April 1991

12.) Sister - October 1991

13.) Hannah - January 1992

14.) Sister - February 1994

15.) Sister - May 1995

16.) Brother - January 2003

17.) Sister - September 2004

18.) Sister - January 2008

19.) Sister - January 2008


Donated Travels

How can siblings be CONCEIVED so far apart?

When sperm or eggs are donated, they are frozen and shipped all over the world. There is really no limit to where they will ship. Cryobanks will not release any information on shipping locations or births from a specific donor. Some banks will give you a range of reported births. For example the cyrobank we are from gave us the range of 10-15 births. Clearly as we are at 19 siblings this is inaccurate. The key is reported births. If it isn't reported it isn't in the range. Cyrobanks also have a very poor reputation for tracking  births and donations.

Sibling Map

The map above shows pins in different places our sibling group was conceived. So far we have found siblings from the west coast to Saudi Arabia. Looking at the map you may guess our donor was based out of the east coast. Who knows where we will find our next sibling.