The Donated Life DNA



  • Large database of family trees and records
  • User friendly
  • Large DNA database


  • Relationship predictions can be misleading.
  • Does not accept raw DNA uploads
  • Continued cost if you want access to records database

23 and Me DNA



  • More direct relationship predictions.
  • Growing in popularity.


  • Smaller database in comparison to Ancestry
  •  Does not accept raw DNA uploads 

My Heritage DNA



  • Will accept raw DNA uploads
  • Has an option to have a family website


  • Smaller database/Less connections
  • You have to pay for ethnicity updates if using raw DNA

Family Tree DNA



  • Growing database
  • Allows for raw DNA uploads


  • Some users experience difficulties in loading raw DNA from 23 and me and Ancestry

Living DNA



  • Has potential to be a good site.


  • Does not accept raw DNA uploads even though it advertises this (for recent 23 and me or ancestry users)
  • Very limited database, low chance of gaining matches

GED Match



  • Accepts raw DNA Downloads
  • Good tool for advanced DNA and genealogy researchers


  • Not very user friendly for beginners

DNA Painter CM Tool

A vital tool for understanding your DNA matches


When you receive your DNA results back, depending on the website it will either give you the cm(CentiMorgan) you have in common or the percentage of DNA you share. The DNA Painter tool is how you can make sense of the match. Each square lists the relation, followed by the average cm shared with the possible range below. For example when I first began looking for my donor I had a match on Ancestry labeled as a first cousin match. I dug really deep in to that family tree. Hours of my time. Only later to learn it wasn't a first cousin match, but a half niece match, the daughter of one of my donor sisters. DNA Painter Tool gives you different connection possibilities based on DNA shared. This can give you a sense of direction when you are lost in a sea of matches.  Check out to check your matches.

The Match Predictions with Ancestry


On my Ancestry DNA it lists this match as a first cousin. When beginning your search taking the match at face value for what is predicted can take you down the wrong road quick. 

Options with DNA Painter


With DNA painter after entering our shared CM it gives me a range of relationship possibilities. When building out a mirror tree I can insert my match in different places to find the most probable option for my match.